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Founded in 2002, Red Dirt Personnel Group is a privately owned recruitment provider that has been steadfast in its commitment to excellence, specialising in the supply of both temporary and permanent labour across diverse disciplines in the Resources Industry. From the heart of Western Australia to project sites around the nation, our expertise and proven track record make us your ideal partner in employment.

Our mining roles are more than just jobs; they’re pathways to stable, well-paying careers in a field that fuels the world. It’s not merely about connecting candidates to jobs; we aim to find the right fit for both our clients and recruits. Our recruitment staff, all of whom have a deep-rooted background in mining, bring unparalleled industry insights that enrich the matchmaking process, ensuring that candidates are not just qualified but also aligned with the unique needs and cultures of our client organisations.

With nearly two decades in business, we’ve fostered an environment where industry knowledge, client history, and candidate profiles have been diligently retained. This places us in the unique position of offering a stable and consistent service. Each time you engage with us, you’ll be dealing with professionals who understand your history, your skills, and your aspirations. That’s the Red Dirt Personnel Group difference.

Thank you for considering Red Dirt Personnel Group as your go-to resource for mining opportunities in Perth, WA, and beyond. We invite you to explore this page and take the first step toward a fulfilling and prosperous career in the mining industry.

What Is a Mining Labourer?

When it comes to the intricacies of a successful mining operation, the labourer position is indispensable. Serving as the backbone of every project, a mining labourer is responsible for a wide range of tasks that are crucial for the smooth functioning of a mining site. While this role may be less specialised compared to that of a trade professional like a Boilermaker or Electrician, its impact is equally significant.

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Key Responsibilities

As a labourer within Red Dirt Personnel Group’s robust ecosystem, you’ll find yourself wearing multiple hats, adapting to different responsibilities with agility and precision. Under the supervision of seasoned professionals, you’ll be engaged in tasks such as:

Regular cleaning and rudimentary maintenance of heavy machinery are crucial to keep the operations running smoothly. From excavators to conveyor systems, you’ll ensure that all equipment is in optimal working condition.

Whether it’s moving raw materials to processing units or transporting tools and supplies, your role will include proper handling, storage, and logistics support. Ensuring the right materials reach the right place at the right time is vital for operational success.

While specialised repair tasks are left to skilled tradespersons, a mining labourer often conducts basic repair works. These can include tightening bolts, replacing smaller parts, and other simple activities that can prevent major breakdowns.

Your role will also encompass various other supporting tasks, such as assisting in drilling operations, providing hand and power tools to tradespersons, and ensuring the work area is safe and organised. Your efforts contribute to creating an efficient, productive, and hazard-free environment.

Job Requirements

Embarking on a career as a mining labourer is a decision that requires careful consideration. While the role is rewarding and offers ample room for growth, it also demands a unique set of qualifications, skills, and physical abilities. Below, we outline the essential job requirements you’ll need to meet to be successful in the role.


Basic Mechanical Aptitude: A basic understanding of machines and tools is beneficial. While you won’t be conducting specialised repairs, you may be required to perform rudimentary maintenance activities.

Ability to Work in a Team: Mining is a collaborative endeavour, and your ability to work efficiently in a team is crucial. Clear communication and cooperative skills are highly valued.

Strong Work Ethic: A proactive approach and a commitment to the tasks at hand are highly sought-after attributes. Your strong work ethic contributes to overall productivity and ensures the successful completion of projects.

Safety Consciousness: Mining involves inherent risks, making safety a top priority. Awareness of safety protocols and a commitment to follow them are non-negotiable requirements for this role.

Attention to Detail: The slightest oversight can have significant consequences in a mining operation.

Adaptability: Given the dynamic nature of mining projects, being adaptable and willing to learn are valuable traits.

Communication Skills: Clear communication with your team and supervisors is key to maintaining a safe and efficient workplace.

Physical Requirements

Must Pass a Medical Examination: Before you’re officially onboarded, you’ll need to pass a medical examination. This is to ensure you’re physically capable of handling the job’s demanding aspects and to ascertain that you can operate in the role without risk to yourself or others.

Ability to Perform Physically Demanding Tasks: The role of a mining labourer is physically intensive and may involve lifting heavy materials, prolonged periods of standing, and operating heavy machinery. A good level of physical fitness is essential to perform these tasks effectively.


Mining labourers also need to have completed Working at Heights and Confined Space courses, in addition to requiring a Current National Police Clearance.

Why Choose Red Dirt

Choosing the right recruitment partner for your career in the mining industry is a decision that should not be taken lightly. At Red Dirt Personnel Group, we offer something that sets us apart from the rest—a deep-rooted understanding of the mining sector, backed by years of experience and a commitment to personalised service. Here’s why choosing us could be one of the best decisions you make for your career:

Industry-Specific Expertise

Our recruitment staff isn’t just knowledgeable about human resources—they have first-hand experience in the mining industry. This gives us a unique perspective and allows us to understand the challenges and opportunities that lie within this field. When we talk to you about job roles and prospects, we’re coming from a place of genuine understanding and insight, not just theoretical knowledge.

Consistent and Personalised Service

Established in 2002, we’ve built long-lasting relationships in the industry, thanks to our consistent and high-quality service. Our staff has remained largely consistent over the years, which means when you call us, you’re likely to speak with the same recruiter every time. This level of personalised service ensures that we understand your career goals, skills, and potential, making it easier for us to place you in a job that is the right fit.

Proven Track Record

In an industry where the availability of experienced personnel can often be limited, our resourcefulness and extensive network come into play. We have successfully staffed projects for industry leaders like Saracen Gold Mines, St Barbara Mines, Magellan, and many more. Our ability to provide a mix of experienced personnel and newcomers wanting to break into the mining industry has proven to be a win-win for both our clients and candidates.

Visitations to Job Sites

We don’t just send you off to a new job and wish you luck; we take the time to visit each site to understand its specific operational aspects as well as its facilities. This hands-on approach allows us to ensure that we’re not just filling positions, but actually contributing to the stability and success of new jobs for both our clients and our candidates.

Commitment to Safety and Health

Your safety is paramount to us. We take all practical steps to ensure not only that you’re well-suited for the job but also that your workplace adheres to the highest standards of safety and health protocols.

Choosing Red Dirt Personnel Group means opting for a partner who is as invested in your career as you are. We’re not just about filling vacancies; we’re about building careers through ongoing positions, maximising potential, and adding value to the mining industry.

Benefits of Being a Mining Labourer

Choosing a career path is not just about the job you’ll be doing day in and day out; it’s also about the advantages that come with it. When you become a mining labourer with Red Dirt Personnel Group, you’re not just taking on a job, but stepping into a rewarding and enriching career. Here are some of the many benefits you’ll enjoy in this role:

Comprehensive Health and Safety Measures

Your well-being is our priority. Red Dirt Personnel Group is committed to maintaining rigorous health and safety standards. We continually invest in the latest safety equipment and protocols to ensure a secure working environment. Our robust safety measures are geared to protect you while allowing you to perform at your best.

Skill Development and Career Progression

We believe that your growth is our growth. That’s why we offer a wide range of training programs and educational initiatives aimed at expanding your skill set. From on-the-job training to opportunities for certifications, your professional development is one of our top priorities. With a focus on career progression, we provide the tools and resources you need to ascend within the organisation or even the skilled workforce across the wider mining industry.

mining worker wearing helmet conducting a gas test on site

Work with Industry Professionals

When you join our team, you’ll be working alongside some of the most knowledgeable and experienced professionals in the mining industry. This is not just an opportunity for you to contribute but also a chance to learn from the best. Their expertise becomes your learning platform, offering invaluable insights that can significantly fast-track your career.

Access Remote and Exciting Work Locations

One of the unique aspects of a career in mining is the exciting opportunity to work in some of the most remote and breathtaking locations. While the work is challenging, the experience of living in and adapting to new environments can be incredibly rewarding. Plus, it offers a different lifestyle and a break from the urban routine.

Start Your Journey with Red Dirt Personnel Group

If you’re asking yourself, “How do I take the first step towards becoming a Mining Labourer?” you’re in excellent hands with the Red Dirt Personnel Group. With years of industry experience and an intimate understanding of the underground mining sector, we are ideally positioned to guide you towards both temporary and permanent positions.

We pride ourselves on matching candidates with roles that suit not just their qualifications and skills, but also their long-term career goals. We understand that each candidate is unique, which is why we are committed to offering personalised guidance and support tailored to your individual needs.

We invite you to browse through the current Mining Labourer job openings. If you’re uncertain where to begin or have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to our experienced team. We’re always seeking expressions of interest and are more than happy to offer advice customised to your particular circumstances and career aspirations.

Embarking on a career as a Mining Labourer in the thriving resources industry of Western Australia promises a journey full of opportunities, challenges, and rewards. If you’re prepared to take that first step towards your new career, Red Dirt Personnel Group is here to walk that path alongside you.